Fight2Unite is a movement of martial artists and entrepreneurs who support global unity. As much as entrepreneurship and martial arts are both are about “fighting” to win and growing in the process, they are equally about results – effectiveness.

As a world, we face a few global challenges that seem to threaten our survival. How can we, martial artists teach our students to defend themselves on the streets and not even consider the most major threats. How can we as entrepreneurs build lucrative, world-impacting businesses without recognizing the practical next step in actually solving our global crises.

The first step to really addressing any of these problems is global unity – global cooperation.

What does that look like? That’s a big question worth exploring. It’s time to start that conversation.

Why martial artists?

Not only because it is in our ethos to work to grow stronger – not so we can beat people up, but so we can protect the weak.

Why entrepreneurs?

Because unlike most, we have seen that it is possible to build something new and effective that makes a positive impact. Imagine a global army of us.

But more, because we are simply comminties. If as can come together as communities to speak up for such an important cause, we can be an example to all communities. Every community can actively speak up for global unity. By walking the path, we’re trying to show the way.

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